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Ordering process

Please order by e-mail, without form and without registration. Simply send us an e-mail.

If you have any questions regarding products, please email camo(at) or contact us on +43 (0) 2235 84233.

We specialize in trading of used and new vehicles from Army stock. Our clients are a NGOs, the UN and the companies working for the UN, and ministries from various countries and also private customers.

From light off-road vehicles in all weight classes of trucks and special vehicles, crane lorries, workshops vehicles, mine clearance equipment and hardened vehicles for peacekeeping operations as well as historical vehicles.

We also offer for all offered vehicles spare parts and guarantee their availability for the next few years.

No matter how large the vehicles are, we can ship any vehicle in the desired countries of our customers. We speak German, English, Russian, Slovak and a little Spanish.


HINWEIS: Die Preise in unserem Produktkatalog sind, wenn nicht anders ausgewiesen, inklusive der gesetzlichen Mehrwertsteuer in Euro angegeben.  Änderungen, Irrtümer;Druck- und Satzfehler vorbehalten. Alle Preise in Euro, ab Lager Himberg.


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Vehicle inspections are only possible by appointment! We do not have a generally accessible exhibition area.

Spare parts: Your order will be dispatched within 24 hours on working days. Shipping to new customers only by pre-payment. Worldwide shipping!

For vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, you do not need a driving license for a truck. The driving license B is sufficient.

For general vehicle surveys, please send an inquiry to